About our Surveys

Our new survey is "Swallowing and Parkinson’s Disease"

Swallowing and eating difficulties are common for individuals with PD, particularly as PD progresses. Swallowing and eating difficulties can impact feelings of safety, social relationships, and quality of life.  Understanding the experience pertaining to swallowing difficulties and effective assessments and treatments from the patient’s perspective is of great importance. Thus, the objective of the present study is to deepen our understanding about swallowing difficulties from the perspective of PWP

The data collection for this research will conclude on June 15, 2017. After the survey data is analyzed, we will send you a copy of the survey results free of charge.

Please get involved. Your participation matters.

How to participate in our surveys:

We want to emphasize that all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

Take part in this survey; the "voice" of the individual with PD needs to be heard. Your participation can help others with PD, care-givers, as well as treatment providers.