Nutrition and Parkinson's Disease: The Patient's Perspective

Food is a fundamental physiological need, has a strong relationship with psychological well-being, and is at the center of many social interactions. These concepts are intricately interwoven, and the meaning of and value placed on food are as myriad as the food possibilities themselves. Understanding the complexity of this topic is daunting for many; add PD to the picture, and the challenges are magnified. As it relates to individuals with PD, some foods can impact the absorption of medications and can impact parkinsonian symptoms, in addition to impacting general feelings of health and well-being. Similarly, PD symptoms and medications can impact one’s eating behaviors and nutritional status. Thus, good nutrition management can be complicated and challenging for individuals with PD.     
Given the complexity of nutrition and its impact on PD symptoms and the impact that PD symptoms have on nutrition habits and management, the objective of this study was to obtain a more simplistic understanding about the patient’s perspective about nutrition and experiences with food and nutrition more generally. Information about and recommendations pertaining to nutrition management and eating behaviors for individuals with PD are discussed in the report.

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