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Jeffrey Wertheimer's presentation at the Neural Interface Conference, 2006

Jeffrey Wertheimer

It is with great pleasure that I participate in this panel discussion entitled "The Patient Perspective on Deep Brain Stimulation." As we know, DBS therapy has truly enhanced our treatment of many disabling medical conditions, such as Parkinson's disease, and we have ongoing research endeavors ensuing in greater understanding about DBS. In light of the copious amounts of published articles, including those with rigorous methodology to those emphasizing theoretical conceptualizations, the denominator of our research and thought pieces is our patient, and in fact, the patient is the barometer of the success or failure of DBS therapy. As such, the objectives of today's panel discussion are three-fold: 1. What do patients want engineers, scientists, and clinicians to know about DBS? 2. What do the patients hope the DBS clinicians are monitoring? 3. What do patients consider as must-have fixes and refinements relative to the surgical procedure and the technology? I have the privilege to introduce two inspiring and dedicated individuals in the PD community who have bilateral DBS and who have a breadth of knowledge and experience to edify the clinicians and researchers in this room about their journeys post surgery. Dr. David Heydrick is a Neurologist practicing in Frederick, Maryland, and Mrs. Margaret Tuchman is the President of the Parkinson Alliance in Kingston, New Jersey. Please click here to read a PDF of the complete presentation.

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