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WE MOVE annouces: The DBS-STN Programmers Discussion Forum

WE MOVE ( is pleased to announce the DBS-STN Programmers Discussion Forum at

CAUTION: The WE MOVE DBS-STN Programmers Forum is for healthcare professionals ONLY.

If you had DBS-STN surgery, we ask that you tell your doctor about this forum to share experiences.

DBS-STN Programmers:
Do you have questions about DBS-STN programming? Have you made observations that you would like to share? Would you like to know how experienced programmers approach initial and follow-up programming, medication adjustment, and troubleshooting?

There is no "cookie cutter" approach to DBS-STN programming, but sharing information among professionals can be a great help.

To accelerate the learning curve, WE MOVE invites programmers to the DBS-STN Programmers Discussion Forum at The Forum is available 24/7 and enables novice programmers to post questions and receive responses from peers. Experienced programmers may benefit from the strategies for success from thier peers. The DBS-STN Programmers Discussion Forum is part of the WE MOVE Parkinson's Disease Educational Initiative and is funded by educational grants from Medtronic, Inc., The Parkinson Alliance, the Charles & Vivian Sukenik Philanthropic Foundation, and the Evan and Sandra Stern Foundation.

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